I can’t download it at all. How can i see the pictures?? When is the next new updata? Vielen Dank im Vorraus. When will the iOS get an update because we really wanna test the new ban list and new cards.

Name: ygopro android
Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Lizenz: Nur zur personlichen verwendung
Größe: 67.46 MBytes

Please Add a newer Android Version. Thursday, August 23, Auf der Seite steht sogar, dass es dort nicht mehr verfügbar ist. IPA file so we can install it without needing to upload that to the app store or something. When will January list be up?

The app is great but the card list is way behind the PC version, any plans to update soon?

YGOPro bzw. DevPro für Android erhältlich?

Please Make that the A. I wasted my money I cant play the app at all it crashes after opening. Please i need an answer. The card images etc have to be installed via desktop?

YGOPro bzw. DevPro für Android erhältlich? (Yu-gi-oh, TCG)

Sunday, August 26, Is there any way to release an executable installer with the entirety of the game? At this point that may be difficult, but maybe search for an exact name of a friend playing? Also, we need the newest cards in the game as well. Yugioh Dev Pro warum funktioniert Login Registrierung nicht mehr?


Tuesday, September 11, Yu gi oh Devpro gegner Tag team? Ich Spiele auf einem Laptop mit Windows8.

YGOPro () – Kostenlos herunterladen

Thursday, September 13, Checking for updates http: Ich danke schon mal im vorraus. Hi whay your game out of google market and I tray to dawnload but the cards are blanks we soo proud of your andorid to make as play these game soo We love to see you people geting moor pro.

ygopro android

Thursday, August 23, If i download the update and i have an older version of the game in my phonewill it synch or something? But,the Japanese has trouble with English very much. They’re not going to do all these revisions and release more software just because you come on here and order them to do it.

Any ways good luck. Hey guys if you updated correctly and are missing some ygopri just uninstall keep the new card files and reinstall the previous version. At least you can upload a.


Is no one going to seriously tell anyone how to download this? DevPro für Android erhältlich?

For this reason the cards are without images please fix it. Also wenn ihr interesse habt dann schreibt es mir hier drunter bitte! Is this ever gonna be updated?

Why is the picture showing a nekroz deck when the game doesnt even have nekroz cycle?? I would like it as soon as possible. Once you do, open the program. He’s not well if androiv are looking for a pc update just go to the projects page download Eerie Code’s Unofficial update.

Die Beschreibung von YGO PRO Calculator

Maybe their waiting till link vrains ends so they dont have to keep hearing us for a while about new cards we see. Google Play is OUT. Mein Amdroid ist dort Kasuar Thanks for readeng hope to replay meet soon By star.

ygopro android